Ruth Lydia Schmidt

Data Scientist & Analyst

DataMoves & Nextgem

Hi! I am a microbial ecologist turned data scientist. I am passionate about digging into data and extracting and communicating meaningful information from them. Currently, I work as a freelance data and policy analyst at DataMoves and as a data scientist at Nextgem - a data science consultancy firm based in The Netherlands. Having worked with research institutes, policy organizations and the private sector in different parts of the world, I have a broad range of experience and skills.

During my time as a researcher I looked at how microbes can help plants withstand climate change induced drought by combining omic technologies with open source data visualization tools, like Dash by Plotly. To translate science into policy, I have been working for organizations like the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) on agriculture related biodiversity and climate change projects.

When I am not dealing with data, I merge art & science and contribute to making (data) science more inclusive and accessible for which I have been active in organization including 500 Women Scientists, R Ladies, the Quebec Center for Biodiversity Science (QCBS), the International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME) and the Montréal based community lab Bricobio.


  • Climate Change & Biodiversity
  • Statistics
  • Data visualization
  • Open Science & FAIR data
  • Science Policy
  • Science Communication


  • Mitacs Postdoctoral Fellow, 2020

    Plotly & Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (Canada)

  • PhD in Microbial Ecology, 2017

    Wageningen University (The Netherlands)

  • MSc in Biotechnology, 2012

    Graz University of Technology (Austria)

  • BSc in Molecular Biology, 2010

    Graz University of Tecxhnology (Austria)





Dash (Plotly)